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6/6/09 07:49 pm - Move Complete.

The old blog is no more. The old site is no more. The new WordPress-powered blog and site are up, tho' far from finished ... lot of pages to update, streamline, etc. I'm again thinking of importing all my LJ entries there, but... zoinks, that'd be a lot.

Whee! Find it through the Bob Space link.

6/5/09 03:04 pm - 14 Months Later...

... the new blog has gone unstable on me. Rather than fix it, I'm going to migrate it and my personal web pages into a WordPress installation.

More news soon...

3/26/08 07:26 pm - The Other One

Following the advice of the inestimable Mr. Ganger, please consider adding nvdaydreamer_2, a syndicated RSS1 feed from my new blog, to your Friends list to keep up with all the latest in the mad world of the Portnells.

(Or indeed you could just follow the New Manor link above and establish your own personal feed to your own RSS reader, and be free of LJ entirely for this purpose. But I'm not the boss of you.)

3/26/08 07:13 pm - Dough-Sucker

Youngest, when presented with cookies for dessert, identified herself thus:

"I'm La Cookiecabra!"

I am equal parts amazed, proud, and horrified.

3/25/08 11:19 am - The End of Days Approaches

No, not the Eschaton. But it looks like I've got my new blog set up almost fully. I need to add a links tool to the sidebar, so people can have a visible route back to Bob Space, but that will be the last architectural thing I'll do, I expect.

The LJ account will stay (albeit it'll drop to Free status and probably be plagued with whatever the new owners want to do), so there's no real impetus to duplicate the posts over on (n)SMP. On the other hand, exporting them all to a single database that I own is very appealing. On yet another hand, going back through all the years and tagging the entries will drive me mad.

Thoughts? Anyone done this before and lived to tell the tale? Devin? Bueller?

3/22/08 08:25 am - Totally Barmy

In Summer 2006, I bought an Ikea corner entertainment center. Had enough shelves to handle all the gear, fit neatly in the corner out of direct sunlight. And was proportioned for a widescreen TV.

Last year I started doing research to find a widescreen TV to fit that space (while still leaving room for cooling airspace, our switchboxes, Wii sensor, etc.) I found exactly one: a 30" diagonal CRT with old and digital tuning. But the measurements said it would fit perfectly, so I pencilled it in. Since it was only sold through Evil Big Box Discounter, the price was reasonable, too.

And then the model was discontinued over the winter. Which meant finding it one of our local stores would be the wildest stroke of luck. Still, you never know, so I went looking yesterday after work. And found one on the first try. But no price was listed for it. I came home, checked the credit card balance to be double-sure there was room, called the store and got a quote: $249. So I hotfooted it back to the store and snapped it up, and was charged: $199. For a 30" widescreen CRT SDTV. That's actually less expensive than the 25" standard stereo TV I bought 8 years ago.

Getting the thing home in the back of a Kia subcompact wagon was an adventure I leave to the imagination. But thanks to careful cord planning last summer, the swap-out only took a few minutes. Ditto the moving of the 25" stereo TV to replace the 19" non-stereo TV in the master bedroom. I will probably move the 19" to the garage to keep me company when I'm working out there. And the 13" in the garage will probably be retired to the landfill. Or maybe given away at work.

3/21/08 04:18 pm - Musery

I'm going to have to get the hang of RSS syndication in short order, since that's going to be the simplest route for anyone to be able to keep up. And of course, once I'm delivering RSS, well, I'm just going to have to take RSS, too, so I'll probably be changing my web viewing habits all around (as usual, several years behind the curve).

And I'll be tagging up one side and down the other now, so the Washoe Rocketeer blog will get retired at the same time. I don't have the interest in maintaining so many blogs.

Also going to have to work out what I want to do about comments and moderation. Don't want to annoy anyone who feels strongly enough to post in the blog.

But I'm on the trail of a theme template for the new blog that will echo what I've done with my website (and LJ) but include assorted jazzy features.

This is kind of exciting.

3/21/08 12:33 pm - Geek Fu Failure, Almost

My webhosting is targeted for the Linux user -- in other words, someone who's likely to be supremely confident (if not overconfident) in low level computer system operation.

I'm not supremely confident yet, as I've discovered while trying to launch my personal blog site. I followed the web-driven "installation" process ... which apparently only configures the Apache servers underneath to accommodate the blog software and creates a MySQL database for that software to use.

(I only know the MySQL database exists because I looked at my resource allocation, and lo! I have used one of my three MySQL database slots.)

Now all I need is to know the admin access for that MySQL database and I'm gravy. I'm going to play the hunch that it's the same as my FTP access and try that later.

And then ... a host of other things to discover and worry about.
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